Forensic Anthropology Tools

This table is a compilation of software tools in forensic anthropology and their associated attributes. If you wish to contribute or update any information, please email jjlynch [at] osteocoder [dot] com. For more information about computational tools in forensic anthropology see

Last Updated: 1 June 2019
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Tool Programming Language Source Code License Category
ADBOU Delphi Closed EULA Age
AFA3D R, C++ Closed EULA Craniofacial
AncesTrees R Closed None Ancestry
BodyPlot R Open GPLv2 Body Proportion
CADOES R Closed None Sex
CMP R, Python Closed Comparsion
COLIPR Closed Sex
CoRA php Open MIT Data Analysis
CRANID QB64 Closed None Ancestry
Digital Bone Age Companion Closed EULA Age
DSP R Closed None Sex
DSP2 R Closed None Sex
DXAGE R Closed None Age
EasyECD R Open GPLv2 Craniofacial
ForAge Java Open Apache version 2.0 Age
Fordisc Delphi Closed EULA Sex, Ancestry, Body Proportion
Fragmento C++ Closed EULA Commingled
hefneR R Closed None Ancestry
(hu)MANid R Closed None Ancestry, Sex
Isolocate R Closed None Comparsion
KidStats R Open None Age, Sex
KScollect R Open None Data Analysis
MassReg R Closed None Body Proportion
MorphoPASSE R Closed Sex
OdontoSearch php Closed None Comparsion
Optosearch R Closed None Comparsion
OsteoSort R, Julia, VB Open GPLv2 Commingled
Osteoware Delphi Closed EULA Data Analysis
PerspectiveX R Open GPLv2 Craniofacial
QA3D R, Julia, VB Open GPLv2 Data Analysis
QuickCapture R Open GPLv2 Data Analysis
rASUDAS R Closed None Ancestry
Raxter R Closed None Body Proportion
RDFBones OWL Open BSD Data Analysis
REFACE Tcl/tk Closed Craniofacial
SeuPF R Closed None Sex
Skelet-o-matic VBA Open GPLv2 Data Analysis
SkullProfiler R Open GPLv2 Ancestry, Sex
SkullXtremes R Open GPLv2 Ancestry, Sex
SPINNE R Closed None Body Proportion
SSAGE R Closed None Age
TDStats R Open GPLv2 Craniofacial
TraumaVision R Open GPLv2 Data Analysis
WebFAIS C++ Closed EULA Craniofacial
ZTM C++ Open MIT Commingled
3D-ID Java Closed EULA Ancestry, Sex
3Skull Delphi Closed EULA Data Analysis
MSPS R Open GPLv2 Age