QA3D (Quality Assurance 3D) is an R package that allows the error analysis of repeated scans from three-dimensional equipment. While not requiring the use of skeletal elements, this app was designed and intended to be used with repeated skeletal element scans. Given the rise in popularity of three-dimensional technology in forensic anthropology, there is a need for an FA specific tool to verify the quality of scanners for research and laboratory accreditation purposes.

Current version: 0.0.5

Technical Requirements:
  1. Linux, macOS, or Windows 7/8/10

  2. R version >= 3.3.0

  3. Julia version >= 1.0.0

  4. Recommended > 8 gigabytes of RAM

Installation from R:
install.github("jjlynch2/QA3D", ref="v0.0.5")

Julia Dependencies:
  1. Distributed

  2. SharedArrays

R Dependencies:
  1. Morpho

  2. DT

  3. shiny

  4. htmltools

  5. zip

  6. rgl

  7. ClusterR

  8. JuliaCall

  9. rmarkdown

  10. knitr

  11. Rvcg